Q&A With Boris

Talk about your personal journey. Have your always been fit? What’s your education and experience like related to fitness training.

My fitness journey started with martial arts at a young age.  It was not by my choice, but more a parenting maneuver to help with my discipline issues.  But I’m thankful I wasn’t placed on ritalin and instead got some really tough parental love.  I experimented with weight training in high-school and was addicting to the weight room for most of my college years.  It wasn’t until 4 years ago that I started taking training seriously, with consideration to how the body requires more than just lifting something heavy and putting it down; it needs an eclectic blend of tools, including the mind, the body and most importantly your aura.  I recently had a spiritual awakening and now I’m better able to understand all aspects of the human condition and how we can be more fit.  I finished the university of Maryland’s School of Public health with a concentration in Kinesiology.  Over the years acquired certifications through NASM, ISSA and have held certifications in sports nutrition via Precision Nutrition.  I’m also a TRX Group trainer and my facility is among the most well known TRX facilities in the Northern VA area.


Why TRX? What about TRX training specifically allows you to achieve your client goals?

I believe TRX is the most versatile exercise platform that provides full body workouts that can be done anywhere (inside, outside, etc…). It’s low impact, and works with a variety of clients: from professional athletes to a couch potato. TRX is a body weight specific platform that allows you to incorporate traditional rep/set schemes, HIIT etc… but above all it allows a person to get in tune with their body. What I mean by this is that TRX requires a user to incorporate strength, balance, flexibility, and focus. This well rounded approach fits with the Bodies by Boris mission of training the person, not just the body.


How does spirituality tie into your fitness training?

In my experience there are 3 levels to fitness: physical fitness, mental fitness, and the component we neglect most often: spiritual fitness. Spiritual fitness has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with an individual’s spirit and internal balance. For me, spirituality is one of the 3 hallmarks of the Trainer’s Trinity: Mind, Body, Spirit. We’re all focused on the body, some of us are focused on the mind, but how many of us are sincerely focused on our spirit? You’ve seen guys post about their physical “gains” online, but how many talk about their mental or spiritual “gains”? Is it that our spiritual self is less important than our physical self, or perhaps do we neglect it because we we recognize that spiritual gains are often times harder to achieve than the physical gains.

Talk a bit about nutrition. What should the average person be eating? How much? Why is there no “one solution for all” when it comes to nutrition? When you say “weight loss is a math problem” what do you mean?

Weight loss is simple, but that’ doesn’t mean it’s easy. At BBB we’re here to help you lose every inch of the way. Simple weight loss can be described as this: if the calories in are less than the calories you put out, you’ll lose weight, REGARDLESS of the type of calories you eat. There is a difference between healthy and healthy foods when you compare portion control. Let’s be honest, at the end of the day the biggest obstacles are portion size control and meal frequency.[will expand on portion control] That’s why Bodies by Boris partners with MyFitnessPal, Trainerize and other online fitness platforms to provide the support team that you need when you need it.